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Our reefer trucks and containers are the best way to transport temperature-sensitive freight to the correct destinations.

What Exactly Do Reefer Trucks Do — and How Will They Help Me?

As an individual whose freight primarily consists of perishable goods, you may find yourself in need of special logistics services to effectively transport your freight from one location to another.

Goods like pharmaceuticals and frozen foods require additional attention. Because these products remain susceptible to deterioration, investing in special reefer trucks is vital for the most optimal results.

What does this delivery method do, you ask? Essentially, reefer containers are refrigerated, temperature-controlled transportation methods for highly sensitive freight. Equipped with beneficial devices and features, these reefer vans allow temperatures to be monitored and controlled easily. These vehicles are monitored by carriers with the utmost precision and work wonders when maintaining product integrity.

Acquire these services today — and bid farewell to all of your transportation-oriented worries!

ASL Global’s Reefer Containers Vow to Make Your Life Easier!

Logistics doesn’t have to be complicated. At ASL Global, we incorporate this mantra in all we do and work diligently to help you achieve your supply chain goals! We know just how sensitive certain foods and pharmaceuticals can be — and you can rest assured that we’ll never compromise on the high quality and standards of your products. Our team promises to maintain your freight's smell, taste, and texture and deliver only the most impeccable goods to the end consumers. Thanks to our excellent array of temperature-controlled reefer containers and reefer vans, we excel in transportation and delivery services in every sense of the word! At ASL Global, there is no room for disappointment.

Give us a call today to enlist the help of our wonderful reefer services! See why we’re regarded as the best logistics company in Canada.